The Zimbabwe Women’s Organisation.

Our History

In October 2006, five Zimbabwean women came together to set up ZIWO. The main purpose was to support Zimbabweans as a new emerging community in Manchester. ZIWO provided the family safety network support whilst transitioning into the British society. Initially, ZIWO provided cultural support to women going through the asylum system, advocating to stop deportation through campaigns. From 2008, ZIWO identified barriers experienced by women in securing employment because their qualifications were not recognised, and they lacked UK work experience. We widened our scope to include offering  support to Zimbabwean women and children settled in the UK in response to their educational and employment needs.

What We Do

Homework/Supplementary school support

ZIWO’s educational support for Zimbabweans in the British education system is driven by the proverb ‘ Dzidzo inhaka yeupenyu’ ( literally education is life’s inheritance) 

ZIWO offers informal homework support in its basic form: how was school today? What did you learn? Did you get homework? Let me see! 

ZIWO offers structured homework/ supplementary support to young girls in High School 11-16 year olds on a range of topics including Personal, Social, Health and Economic education

Advice, advocacy, and campaigns

ZIWO offers support starting from simplest forms like /‘Makadii?/ Linjani/ How are you? We also offer informal advice and signposts to other organisations for statutory support.

ZIWO offers advocacy to protect Zimbabwean women against any forms of abuse, discrimination, violence, racism. ZIWO works with other partner organisations to raise the profile of Zimbabwean women’s peculiar needs and experiences within the BME background in the UK.

Zimbabwe culture and heritage

ZIWO’s activities are developed, delivered from a Zimbabwean social cultural framework of UNHU/UBUNTU. UNHU is a Shona social philosophy which embodies virtues that celebrate the mutual social responsibility, mutual assistance, trust, sharing, unselfishness, self-reliance, caring and respect for others among other ethical values.

ZIWO delivers cultural activities to benefit Zimbabweans born in the UK and to raise awareness of Zimbabwean culture within the cultural diversity society of Greater Manchester. ZIWO hosts cultural activities: music and dance, poems and promotion of Shona language during Black History Month, observing Zimbabwe holidays

Human rights

ZIWO recognises that women have human rights and works with women to eliminate all forms of barriers to women realising their full potential.

Research and Consultations

ZIWO offers opportunities as a research site and, researches on education,  participate in national consultations


  • To promote the development of Zimbabwean children, young people and adults’ educational capabilities and competencies essential for realising full potential
  • To promote the advancement of Zimbabwe’s arts, culture and heritage 
  • To raise awareness of human  rights and promoting equality and diversity by the elimination of all forms of discrimination