The Zimbabwe Women’s Organisation.

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In partnership with GAPUnit, ZIWO developed Resources on Asylum Seekers and Health Services and presented it to over 100 senior health management professionals at the University of Manchester  NHS Foundation Trust’s six hospitals raising awareness of Asylum-seeking women’s experiences of accessing health services.


Train the Trainer: Community Researcher: Project for women in community research. ZIWO in partnership with Manchester  Active Voices engaged in SEnSE (Self Esteem and Self- Empowerment  project for  young girls in high school aged 12-16.


Arrows Project supporting Maths and Science for Zimbabwean boys in high school


STEP-UP project for women offering job, and higher education opportunities


Tracing the heritage of Zimbabweans living in Greater Manchester


World Cup Zimbabwe Netball Team Support in Liverpool.


From May 2020, in response to  Covid19 Emergency ZIWO started delivering food parcels to 10 households, and the number has   increased to 35 households every week as the pandemic continues to be felt with ongoing lockdowns. ZIWO has continued to collect and deliver food parcels every Friday. Each week we delivered 30 fruit and vegetables parcels. Thus, ZIWO has reached 30 households every week, and each household has between 4 -8 members. So, in the total period ZIWO has reached 120-240 people. Ensuring they continue to have healthy meals, which supports their well-being during this pandemic. The people ZIWO support had an opportunity to volunteer in packaging and delivering for friends and neighbours. From January of 35 food parcels per week, 140 food parcels per month and a total of 1540 food parcels over the last 11 months. 


ZIWO has received funding to build ZIWO’s capacity, continuing providing essentials and ethnic food supplies. The impact of Covid19 is isolation and loneliness especially for the Zimbabwean community. Lockdown shifted all contact online and our members experienced digital exclusion in several ways. This project offers space for Zimbabwean women to meet and discuss their concerns and support one another as women in a safe space.